Donna Clouston

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I am an artist silkscreen printer living and working
just outside St. John’s, Newfoundland

I am best known for my Newfoundland landscapes. However recently I have started offering my floral watercolour paintings for sale. I love nature and get great joy in bringing the world around me to life in my creations.

My work starts with a watercolour and occasionally goes on to become a serigraph print. My watercolours are on both acidfree watercolour paper and also watercolour canvas. For the serigraph process, I hand draw each stencil and print on museum board using watercolour inks. Each process brings it’s own demands and challenges. Although I complain and from time to time and stomp my feet, I enjoy each project. I hope my site brings you pleasure and a taste of Newfoundland!

“Cape Race”
Watercolour Canvas 48″ x 30″