2019 Calendar

39 Years 1981 – 2019

The 2019 Cotton calendar measures 15 3/8″ x 43″and is printed using blue/black ink on cotton fabric.

The Top drawing is “Down on the Labrador”

Many a fishing schooner spent their summers fishing for cod on the Labrador. I would like to thank The Rooms for access to their great collection of historic photos.

For more information check out COD WAS KING

The middle drawing is “Grand Bruit”

Grand Bruit is a beautiful town that was resettled in 2010. Grand Bruit (pronounced “Gran Britt” by the locals) means “great noise” in French. The large waterfall that splits the community is responsible for the great noise and the town’s name.

For more information, check out the town of Last ferry to Grand Bruit.

The Bottom drawing is “91 Forest Road”

91 Forest Road was my grandparents home. Nanny and Poppy Clouston lived in the left hand side of the house. I have a few memories of the house, mostly of having to sit still and quiet on a hard couch…. Also enjoying Nanny’s chocolates.