2021 Cloth Calendar
2021 Cloth Calendar

41 Years 1981 – 2021

The 2021 Cotton calendar measures 15 3/8″ x 43″and is printed using blue/black ink on cotton fabric.

The Top drawing is “The Colony of Avalon”

Established at Ferryland in 1621 by Sir George Calvert (the First Lord Baltimore), the Colony of Avalon is widely recognized as the best preserved early English colonial site in North America. Today, on-going work at the Colony is changing the way we understand that past.

For more information: About The Colony of Avalon

The Middle drawing is “My House”

I built my studio in 1985 and added the house in 1999. I will soon be offering my creation for sale. I wanted to share my home while it is still mine.

The Bottom drawing is “Baa Baa’

This drawing comes from an old slide. I have no idea where it is in the province. I love to knit and so I decided to add sheep to bring life to a lovely scene.

There is no black sheep 🙂